Increase Speed to Warp Nine


Can we just have a show with Bones and Scotty being incomprehensibly folksy and looking dubiously at things?

star trek openings
original series: 110% better with the opera singer
animated series: DING DING ding DING (kinda jazzy idk)
next generation: definition of beautiful
deep space nine: like a majestic horse galloping through the fields
voyager: feels like it takes 500 years to sit through it, but it's still okay
enterprise: annoys the shit out of you until it grows on you, and you find yourself singing it in your sleep even, and once you begin to genuinely enjoy it, it adds a weird background drum base in season three and it annoys you even more than it did before so you cry tears of blood and jonathan archer steps out of the tv and steals your soul



I’m sorry but there was just a freaking huge white rabbit

and then McCoy’s face


Classic moment is classic.


<3 <3 <3
The Trouble with Tribbles